We welcome abstract submissions from sickle cell advocates, non-profits, community organizations and research scientist. Submitted abstracts should describe:

1. New and emerging research,

2. Community education, advocacy, outreach or awareness projects primarily involving sickle cell disease,

3. Descriptive summary of a sickle cell organization, or

4. Literature review of a topic deemed of interest to the patient/caregiver community.



All abstract participants are welcome to display a poster in the common convention space.

To submit visit :


All abstract participants are welcome to provide a poster to be displayed in the common convention space for the duration of the meeting.  Select presenters will be invited to give an oral presentation of their work.  All abstracts must be submitted through this online form ONLY.  Abstracts submitted via mail, email or fax will not be considered.  The submission deadline is Friday, June 29, 2018, 23:59 EST.

Changes and corrections: Once submitted, it is not possible to make any corrections to the abstract content or information (such as authors list and details, topic, conclusion(s) etc…).  Consortium staff and interns are not authorized to make changes to a submission. In order to correct your abstract you must withdraw it and submit a new corrected version prior to the deadline (See below for withdrawal procedure). Note that replacement of your abstract is not possible after the deadline. In the case of errors in your abstract discovered after the deadline, you may indicate the correction during the Symposium. However, changes will not be included in the publications. If accepted, your abstract will be published as submitted.

Abstract Rules & Guidelines

All authors will be asked to approve the following statement when submitting an abstract: “I have read, understand and agree to the rules and guidelines.” Your abstract will not be programmed if this box has not been checked.

Each abstract must be submitted through this website. Complete and detailed instructions for submitting abstracts are below.

Abstracts must be submitted with the intention that they will be presented if selected. Presenting authors should not submit abstracts if they do not plan to attend the meeting. If a presenting author must cancel for some reason, it is their responsibility to designate one of the other authors as their replacement.

All Breakout, Spotlight and Plenary Session slides and audio will be recorded for live overflow. You will be able to opt out of any additional availability.  The choice to opt out will be available when you upload your slides for presentation if you are selected for a Spotlight Session.

Abstracts will appear online exactly as submitted, i.e., no corrections, additions, revisions or deletions can be made by the Planning Committee or the Medical/Research Workgroup. Only the submitting author may make revisions and corrections via the revision program. Please proof your text carefully before submitting.

Any authors presenting a talk in a Spotlight may not make a Breakout session presentation on the same topic. Those authors whose abstracts are selected as poster presentations MUST display their poster for the length of the conference in the poster area and MUST present the poster during scheduled times.

All abstracts submitted will be assigned either a Spotlight or poster presentation at the discretion of the Planning Committee and the Medical/Research Workgroup. The Committee and/or Workgroup reviews all abstracts submitted for presentation and determines whether an abstract is suitable for spotlight or poster presentation. Because Spotlight presentation requests far exceed platform presentation slots (only 10-15% of all abstracts received can be accommodated in platform sessions), authors should be prepared to present a poster if their abstract is not selected for a platform presentation.

A complete abstract should include a statement of purpose, methods used, and a summary of results in sufficient detail to support the conclusion. Statements such as “results will be described” should be avoided. Abstracts should not exceed 3,000 characters. The title, presenting author, affiliation, main body of the abstract and spaces are included in the character count.

Researchers can submit abstracts to several categories, if material is applicable, but they must be different abstracts. The same abstract cannot be submitted more than once.

The Organizers reserve the right to decline a presentation to any submitted abstracts that lack merit, or merely announce the availability of a resource or service.

Withdrawal: If you want to withdraw an abstract already submitted, please notify us as quickly as possible at intern@sicklecellconsortium.org stating the title and number of the abstract to be withdrawn.  Note that, withdrawals accepted after the submission deadline may still appear in publications. All abstract withdrawal requests must be received in writing (via e-mail) by Friday, June 29, 2018, 23:59 EST to avoid printed publications.